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Academic excellence surounded by faith! Queen of Peace Catholic Academy provides an academic environment that shapes the social, emotional and spiritual growth of each of our students.  Our program plants the seeds which create a path of academic excellence beginning with Pre-K and going through the 8th grade.

Academic Excellence surrounded by Faith

*Our ITBS scores have placed us in the top 10% in the Nation
Queen of Peace Catholic Academy’s Curriculum is a diverse and unique program that enables us to strengthen and enrich our student’s personal love of learning.  A strong emphasis is placed on the use of developmentally appropriate practices, enrichment at all levels, and on the formation of a deep, personal spirituality which utilizes all of one’s
gifts to the fullest.

We are proud to offer our students not only an excellent  curriculum, but enriching programs such as Foreign Languages, including Chinese and Spanish, Advanced Math, Music, Choir, Physical Education, Band, Technology, Library and Art!