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Welcome to Queen of Peace Catholic Academy

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Queen of Peace Catholic Academy. Together, with our parents, students and faculty, we are committed to providing the students with a Catholic Education that will assist them in reverencing the past, in being challenged by the present and in preparing your children, our students for the future.

Our dreams for Queen of Peace Catholic Academy are unending.  Utilizing our God-given gifts, it is our hope that we provide our children with an atmosphere where each one can develop a rich personal spirituality.  This occurs not just through varied prayer experiences, but also through an environment which treasures the uniqueness of each person.  Drawing on the strengths, the talents, the interests, the questions of those entrusted to us, we believe that we can establish a faith-filled, vibrant school community.

We feel that a superior academic program, including languages, the arts, physical education and after school sports and clubs, truly helps our children be the best persons God wants them to be.  As strong, faith-filled people, our students can become young adults who are confident in who they are, firm in the teachings of our Catholic Faith, and willing and capable of making a significant difference in our world.

We are happy to share this journey with you.  Together we will create.  Together we will strengthen and enrich.  Together we will truly build the Kingdom of God.

Wishing you God’s blessings, I am,


Sister Nancy Elder, IHM
Proud Principal of Queen of Peace Catholic Academy