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Our Community

Students at Queen of Peace Catholic Academy are called upon to be stewards of their school by caring for their fellow students, the school campus, and the school’s traditions. In ways small and large, our students learn to be caretakers of the people and things that make up their environment.

Both elementary and middle school students organize campus recycling and cleanup efforts throughout the campus and the Parish.

Our students are committed to taking the lead in participating in school-wide service efforts, including food drives, and special projects with local parishes.  

Students in all grades use “Operation Friendship” and the “Middle School Mentoring Program” led by our guidance to resolve conflicts and address common concerns. As conflicts do arise, students are helped to consider the effects of their actions on the larger community. Through these efforts and others, students leave Queen of Peace Catholic Academy with a strong sense of responsibility to their community and an understanding of how they can take an active role in caring for the places and people that surround them.